Greetings! I am Krishnamurty VG Pammi. I did my Masters in Engineering from University of Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) in 1997. I started small initiative called “Let us learn together” where I wish to continuously learn and share my learnings through this web portal to benefit industrial community. 

I strongly believe that current digital transformation is going to change the way we conceptualize, implement and manage the portfolios, programs and projects in next 3 years. To meet this fast rate of change, management professionals have to step up and reach matured knowledge orbits and become change agents in this digital transformation.

Through this initiative "Let us learn together", I aspire to share important knowledge updates that I come across through my "continuous learning" and "hands-on-experience" on the ground. This way, I can peddle my learning bicycle towards matured orbit.

Brief about me: 

With over 23 years of experience, I gained program management insights through partnering with fortune 500 entrepreneurs. I associated with program delivery transformations leveraging Lean, Scrum, XP and Kanban methodologies where teams could able to achieve 10% to 15% year-on-year savings with highest quality and customer delight. My expertise stems from my hands on experience in institutionalizing end to end program governance with clear focus on program management Office, project life cycle management, portfolio strategy building, and business transformation and employee satisfaction. 

My Public Talks on Agile Methodologies:
  1. Agile India 2015 ( on the topic "6 X 2 Planning Errors in Scaled Agile Delivery Model"
  2. Regional Scrum Gathering 2015 ( on the topic "Transform Indian Health Care Culture through Agile Scrum"
  3. Lean India Summit 2014 ( ) on the topic "Large Scale Program Transformation using Lean - Practical Insights in Implementing Lean Tenants"
  4. Regional Scrum Gathering 2014 ( on the topic "A Practical Live Case Study on Organizational wide Agile Transformation"
  5. Agile Tour 2014 - Scum Master-Un Conference (
  6. Agile Tour 2013  ( ) on the topic - Power Your Business through implementing lean Tenants ;
  7. Absolute Agility @ Hyderabad ( ) on the topic - "“Scrum Ban: Making most of both Scrum and Kanban” – A Practical Approach to deal with Agile transformation"
  8. Discuss Agile hosted my webinar on "Action Based Scrum: How effective scrum mastering can rescue troubled teams @
My Videos:  Watch me in Action

My contributions to National / International conferences on Project Management:

As a reviewer panel member, I contributed to below conferences:
  1. PMI National Conference 2015.
  2. PMI National Conference 2014
  3. Software Project management” (SPM-ICON).
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Title: "Action Based Scrum: How effective scrum mastering can rescue troubled teams" 

Summary: In today's world, we see scenarios where scrum master role is mostly restricted to facilitating scrum events and resolving reported impediments. In reality,scrum master role is quite powerful and it's horizon can be much more than this. Scrum master can drive excellence through helping teams, product owner and organization to succeed. In this webinar, we took a context where teams were continuously slipping on their sprint goals. We saw how an effective scrum master could rescue troubled teams and can help teams succeed.

Speaker: Krishnamurty VG Pammi 
             PMI-ACP, PMP, CSM, CSP, MCTS, ITIL, 
             Management Professional and Agile Coach